Speaker Stand for Center Channel Speaker

Once more, a non-electronics related post, but definitely DIY. As I currently use floor-standing speakers all around, with the only exception being the center-channel speaker, I’ve placed it on top of the center console in the room (TV is wall mounted). This was easy to do, but far from ideal. This is slightly limiting in using an UST projector which I’ve been thinking about for a while, but also causes acoustic issues. The center console I own was chosen mainly for aesthetic reasons, and is far from ideal as a speaker stand. It isn’t heavy/solid enough, and with the speaker on top of it, can produce some resonances, which would affect the speaker.

I’ve started by looking for something readily available to buy, mainly to save time. However, after realizing there is little selection in the height of stand I was looking for, I’ve decided to build one myself. This post will describe building the stand.

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TPCeLL Replacement Batteries for Dewalt Power Tools

This time a short(ish) post with some technical data about replacement batteries for power tools from AliExpress. After years of being reluctant to try any after-market batteries for my Dewalt tools, mainly due to quality/safety concerns, I final gave these a try. I opted for a slim (single stack of 21700 cells) 4Ah battery from TPCeLL (TP-cell). The capacity is what I typically use (3-5Ah normally), the form factor is quite compact, and the price was too low to resist. So is it any good? Lets have a look.

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