TolisDIY (Do It Yourself) is meant to be a place for me to share my DIY projects with others. As an electronics engineer who started in this field as a hobby, I keep on fixing, modifying, and building things for fun in my limited spare time. Most of my projects are related to either audio, test gear, or both. Almost all have electronics involved (obviously).

In past years, I have been posting my projects on a few internet forums, to share and discuss with others. However, this is somewhat difficult for me to keep organized. Over the years many of these posts became useless due to images being removed, forums being changed, and so on. Therefore, I’ve decided to open a dedicated blog for this, where I can keep things organized and updated. I will try and gradually re-post some of my older projects on this blog, alongside new projects that will be posted as they progress.

I hope you’ll enjoy reading through the projects, and find the information useful. The posts are open for comments, and you are always welcome to contact me via the “Contact” page if you’d like to find out more about a certain project.

Anatoli Mordakhay.